2017 REdI  Education Foundation | Investing in our Future

Teacher Supply Warehouse

We would like the REdI Education Foundation to help pool resources to reduce the monies that families and teachers spend on school supplies.  Some businesses will be willing to order a few extras and some will donate to get bulk supplies when the prices are low.

Those of you that love to bargain shop...here are the top 14 requests from teachers:

  1. Crayon Boxes (24 count)

  2. Safety Scissors

  3. Glue Sticks

  4. Composition Books

  5. Black Expo Markers

  6. Notebook Paper (college & wide)

  7. School Glue

  8. Hand Sanitizer

  9. Clorox Wipes

  10. Baby Wipes

  11. Band-Aids

  12. Cap Erasers

  13. Tissues

  14. Paper Towels

If you are interested in donating or helping out, let us know!


Ms. Donna Scott with Buzz In Car Wash for donating over $100K of school supplies over the last x years to the schools in Robertson County!