2017 REdI  Education Foundation | Investing in our Future

Goal: Increase students with a Year 13 plan

& Increase the success rate of that plan

What is a Year 13 plan?  It could be 4 years of college, an Associates Degree, a specialization certificate from a Tennessee College of Applied Technology or any other opportunity that adds to the ability of our students to provide a skill to any employers wishing to hire in Robertson County!

How do we accomplish that goal?   Create opportunities for students to discover a path to a career after 12th grade; help students choose a path that fits their personality and needs and sets them up for success.


ACTCounts:  Recognizes Seniors who hit 3 of the 4 benchmarks on the ACT by August of their Senior Year. 


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Grow Grants: Provides over $6,000 to Robertson County teachers for classroom project grants that include bringing a speaker into the classroom to talk about potential careers related to their projects.

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CLUB30: Recognizes all Seniors in Robertson County Public Schools that make a 30 or above on the ACT.  Rewarding them with a check for $100 to help with college expenses and the opportunity to have a Job Shadowing day setup for them in the summer after their Senior year in their area of interest.

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REdI Hall of Fame:  We will recognize the many from Robertson County Schools that have gone on to impact the world with successful careers.  We also want students to think big and push their dreams.  We hope that these inductees will encourage students to set high goals and find ways to impact the world. The dinner will be Tuesday, May 14th from 6:00pm to 8:30pm at Paradise Ranch and Retreat in Springfield, TN 37172.  Tickets go on sale Monday March 18th online.  Click here for more information.

NEW Success Research:  If there are students who have a Year 13 plan who are not finishing that plan, we need to understand why.  For students that do not have a Year 13 plan, we need to help them create one!